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What do the three icons next to my episodes mean?
What do the three icons next to my episodes mean?

To the right of your episodes we have three icons: a paperclip, a radio, and scissors.

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Scroll down on a podcast page to see your list of episodes. Within that list, if you look to the far right, we have a column called "actions" with three circular icons below it. Every episode will have these corresponding icons:

We have a paperclip icon, a radio icon, and a scissors icon. Here is the functionality of each.

The paperclip icon: Upon selecting this paperclip, the URL to the direct audio file will be copied to your clipboard. If you paste it in a new tab, you'll see a play button with the audio available to listen to. This feature is helpful if you'd like to share the pure audio file without any of the attached descriptions, images, or text.

The radio icon: This refers to the individual episode embeddable player. We offer embeddable player codes by podcast and by episode. While clicking this icon, you'll be given a code for that specific episode that you can modify and paste on your website. Read more about episode embeddable players here.

The scissors icon: This is about our feature called Clips. Clips are used if you'd like to crop just a snippet of your audio file to share on social media. Clips can be between 30 seconds and 12 minutes. Here is a dedicated article for steps on using the clip tool.

These are handy tools on sharing your newly published episodes. Please reach out to us via live chat if you have any further questions on how these work.

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