Megaphone Clip Tool v1

The clipping tool allows publishers to create small excerpts of their content ranging from 30 seconds to 12 minutes long.

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The clip tool uses timestamps to make downloadable MP3 files directly inside the Megaphone platform. These clips can be used to share a portion of a podcast on various endpoints such as social media channels or to create new RSS feeds for distribution on smart speakers.

Note: The clip tool is in its first version to gather feedback from users for future improvements.

Create a Clip

To create a clip, navigate to the Podcast's tab in the left side bar and click onto the podcast you wish to create a clip for.

On the podcast dashboard, select the scissor icon under "Actions" next to the episode you would like to clip:

A modal will appear where you can use the Start and End timestamp sections to denote where you want the clip to begin and end. Timestamps should be reflected as HH:MM:SS:mm and fit within the duration of the episode. Clips can be between 30 seconds and 12 minutes in length.

Save and access your Clip(s)

Once your clip is at the proper duration, include a Clip Title and click Save. All saved clips will be stored on the "Clips" tab on the podcast dashboard.

Download a Clip

From the clips library, you can download the an MP3 file of the clip to your device by clicking the Download icon under the "Actions" column to the right.

As always, please reach out via Live Chat with any questions or feedback!

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