Smart Speaker Targeting

Target ad orders to deliver on smart speakers.

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Megaphone offers the ability to selectively target smart speakers. This is done by identifying the user agent string when a listener downloads your episode(s) and therefore the associated ad(s). User agent strings can be hidden based on a users privacy settings. If this feature is utilized, the order will only deliver on a user agent string that is defined as a smart speaker.ย 

To utilize smart speaker targeting, start by navigating to the Campaigns Library by selecting the "CAMPAIGNS" button on the left-side bar. Once you've created a Campaign, either select or create the order you'd like to enable smart speaker targeting for.

Under the "Mobile Device Targeting" header you will see a input field where you can select "Smart Speaker."

An order can only target mobile devices or smart speakers, not both. If you want to target both, you will need to create separate orders for each type of campaign.
Once you select the smart speaker radio button, check to see that the order information is accurate and then click "Save." The order will now only deliver to devices that are defined as a smart speaker.

The Preview page does not take into account device targeting, so previewing the episode should be done on a specific smart speaker environment using the enclosure URL when possible.
As always, please feel free to reach out to Live Chat with any questions!

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