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Target your ads to deliver to Android or iOS mobile devices.

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Megaphone offers the ability to target your orders to Android and/or iOS mobile devices. Targeting to these devices is based off of the user agent string that Megaphone sees when a listener downloads your episodes (and therefore your ads). Because of this, there are times when an ad may be heard on a non-mobile device if the user agent string was not passed to Megaphone properly.

To utilize device targeting, start by navigating to your Campaigns Library by pushing the "CAMPAIGNS" button on the left-side bar. Once you've created your Campaign, either create or select the order you'd like to enable mobile device targeting for.

Once on an order page, you can select to target Android only mobile devices:

You can target iOS only mobile devices:

Or, you can target both  Android AND iOS mobile devices:

Note that if you target to these devices, it will eliminate most desktop or smart speaker ad delivery (anything outside of these mobile devices). 

Selecting neither iOS or Android will target your order to all devices (deliver wherever it can) and should be used for most orders:

Once you have selected your targeting (or have left unselected), continue filling out the remainder of your order and save. The Preview page does not necessarily take into account device targeting, so previewing your episode should be done on a specific device using the enclosure URL when possible.

As always, please feel free to reach out to Live Chat with any questions!

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