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Frequency Capping

Limit the amount of times that a listener can download an ad in a set number of days.

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Frequency Capping gives Ad Ops Managers the ability to limit the number of times that a specific listener can download an ad during a set number of days. Ad Ops Managers can set a combination of caps for each Order - up to five caps in total. A "listener" is identified by a unique combination of IP address and user agent string.

Frequency Capping is set up on individual Orders. For optimal results, we recommend you cushion caps by margin of roughly 10% for delivery. It's important to note that a cap of greater than 1000 impressions increases accuracy and reduces the likelihood of exceeding the cap.  To get started, navigate to your Campaigns Library by pushing the "CAMPAIGNS" button on the left-side bar. Once you've created your Campaign, either create or select an existing order that you want to frequency cap.

Once on the Edit Order page that you're setting up, Frequency Capping can be found on the Details tab under Position/Priority.

Fill in the boxes with the desired cap(s) for this order. For example, to set up a cap of one downloads per listener every three days, fill in "Max of 1 impressions every 3 day(s)" and push "Add Cap." 

You can add up to five caps per order which will then limit downloads accordingly. If the set caps conflict with one another - such as Max of 3 impressions every 1 day AND Max of 5 impressions every 1 day - Megaphone will sustain the most conservative (in this case, Max of 3 impressions every 1 day).

To delete a cap, simply push the "X" and it will delete from your Order. As always, be sure to push the "Save" button in the top right of your screen to save any edits to Frequency Capping.

Note: This feature is only available for Megaphone Enterprise customers.

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