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Glossary of Megaphone Features

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Ad Insertion: The technology that allows advertisements to be dynamically inserted into podcasts rather than recorded directly into the audio file. Inserting ads dynamically ensures a fresh supply and the ability to unlock additional revenue potential. 

Audio Logos: An Organization-wide option that can be set up on the backend to add an audio logo to either the very beginning or the very end of all episodes within a podcast.

Campaigns: A collection of Orders with a common Advertiser.

Episode Preview: Functionality that gives Producers the ability to Preview an episode with ads before it is published. 

Holds: Certain users (Ad Ops Managers, Sales Planners, Network Admins) can view and hold inventory for a configurable duration. Each hold lists the person making the hold, the advertiser, and comments to aid in communication across your sales team.

Listening Metrics: Megaphone provides download performance in its reports. This data is gathered from the Megaphone Embeddable Player and from other sources your podcast is being downloaded from. You can find Downloads Metrics on the Episode Dashboard.

Megalink: A link you can share with listeners for each episode or the whole podcast that will open in different applications (i.e. iTunes, Google Play, etc.) depending on which device the listener is using to listen.

Megaphone Dashboard: The Megaphone Dashboard is the first page you see when logging in. It shows you high level stats about all of the podcasts you have in your Megaphone account.

Megaphone Embeddable Player: A tool that gives you an iFrame code snippet for a playlist player or any single episode so that you can easily let listeners play your podcast on almost any website. 

Real Time Dynamic Ad Insertion: Megaphone composes files for delivery per request, ensuring that customers have maximum flexibility in campaign configurations. This guarantees that listeners always get the most recent campaigns, with the right ads.

Tags: An episode category that helps Ad Ops teams organize episodes that can be used in targeted campaigns.

Visualized Inventory: Backed by a publishing calendar and ad break template for each podcast, the Inventory view displays the status of each ad slot as sold, available or on hold for current and future episodes. Booking new campaigns immediately locks down inventory, and only certain users have the access to place holds in the Inventory view.

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