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An Ad Location is a timestamp that Megaphone uses to demarcate where an ad can be inserted into an episode.

Ad Locations are Set in the Ad Locator - pictured below. Use this article for information on how to set ad locations using the Ad Locator.

Three Different Types of Ad Locations


Pre-Rolls typically play at the very beginning of an episode - before the episode content starts to play - and are designated in the AdLocator with purple nodes. 


Mid-Rolls typically play throughout the episode - with a quick note from the host that an ad is about to run -  are designated in the AdLocator with red nodes. 


Pre-Rolls typically play at the very end of an episode - after the episode content has finished - and are designated in the AdLocator with yellow nodes.


To enable Cuepoints, please refer to this article for detailed instructions. Once the Cuepoints feature is enabled, you will access to additional ad location types:

  • "Remove" cuepoints let you exclude audio segments from distribution without re-editing or re-uploading your episode.

  • "Replace" cuepoints substitute audio segments with ad markers for dynamic ad insertion. This is an easy way to replace “baked-in” ads in your episodes.

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