Enabling Cuepoints
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Cuepoints enhance the Ad Locator by offering additional ad marker options. Enable Cuepoints on your podcasts today to start using these new features.

New ad location types

Cuepoints offer two new ad location options: Remove and Replace.

  1. "Remove" cuepoints let you exclude audio segments from distribution without re-editing or re-uploading your episode.

  2. "Replace" cuepoints substitute audio segments with ad markers for dynamic ad insertion. This is an easy way to replace “baked-in” ads in your episodes.

How to enable cuepoints

  1. Go to your podcast and select “Settings”

  2. In "Megaphone Settings", under “Advanced Settings”, activate the "Enable Cuepoint Editor" toggle

  3. Click "Save"

In Ad Locator, you can now add pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-rolls to your episodes and toggle between "Replace" and "Remove" via the “Type” dropdown menu in the table.

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