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Find links to Tweet, Facebook, etc. your latest episode

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Megaphone offers several different options for sharing links to your podcast and your episodes.


This is a simple link you can use to direct people to your podcast. Megalink is not designed for sharing an individual episode.

Read more about how to find and use your Megalink here.

Sharing via the Embeddable Player

The Megaphone Embeddable Player has a Share menu you can use to easily share your podcast via Twitter, Facebook, and any anywhere else.

Learn more about finding and using the Megaphone Embeddable Player by digging into our Help Docs here.

Get a Direct MP3 URL

If you'd like to share a direct link so someone can download the MP3 file for your episode click on the paperclip icon next to the episode on your podcast's page in Megaphone.

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