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Please see below for step-by-step instructions, followed by a video tutorial.

To simplify the subscription experience for listeners, Megaphone provides publishers with smart subscription links. When a potential listener clicks through, Megaphone checks the user’s operating system before routing them to your podcast in the relevant software. The show opens on the Podcasts app for iOS users; Google Podcasts for Android users; and iTunes for OSX and Windows machines. If no match is found, Megaphone routes the listener to a hosted show page.

Note: You need to have your Subscription Options set up in Megaphone for the Megalink to work as expected.

How to Access the Megalink in Megaphone

  1. Navigate to the Podcasts tab and select the relevant show. On the right hand side, click on the Embeddable Player icon for any episode.

2. The embeddable player modal will appear and click on the Share button. You will see various sharing options, such as social media, download, and link grabs.

Select the link icon to copy the Megalink to your computer's clipboard. You can copy and paste this code wherever you wish to use it!

Benefits of Using the Megalink

The Megalink makes it really easy for people to subscribe to your podcast. It is not used for sharing specific episodes or specific segments of specific episodes - you can use the Megaphone Embeddable Player for that.

If someone opens the Megalink on an iOS device they will be prompted to open your podcast in the native Podcasts app. If an Android user clicks on a Megalink they will be prompted to open your podcast in the native Google Podcasts app.

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