Note: The Pacing feature is only available for Megaphone Enterprise customers. If you are interested in accessing Pacing for your organization, please reach out via Live Chat.

Megaphone offers two pacing options for how it will distribute an Order's impressions across the flight dates:

Accelerated: Megaphone will deliver the order's impressions as quickly as possible. An order may exhaust its cap early in the flight.

Balanced: Megaphone will deliver the order's impressions based on an optimal distribution algorithm that is adjusted daily based on the order's impression cap, the previous day's impressions, and historical performance of the targeted inventory. Impressions will be delivered across the entirety of the flight. Balanced pacing can be set at any priority and requires an impressions cap.

To set your order's pacing, start by navigating to your Campaigns Library by pushing the "CAMPAIGNS" button on the left-side bar. Once you've created your Campaign, either create or select the order you'd like to enable pacing for.

Once on an Order page, select either "Accelerated" or "Balanced" under the Pacing section. Remember that "Balanced" orders must have an impressions cap.

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