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Making Edits and Updates to a Published Episode
Making Edits and Updates to a Published Episode

What to expect when you make changes to your episode that has already been published.

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Making changes to your podcast and episodes after being published is possible. There are some considerations to understand when doing so.

Most importantly, when changes are made, you will see a spike in downloads due to the distribution applications (that offer the subscribe ability) re-indexing the feed to ingest the updates. The data should normalize after the changes.

To make changes, navigate to your Podcasts library and select the podcast you want to edit episodes for. Select the episode you wish you edit. On the next page, you will be able to edit the following:

Episode Details:

If any of the following are edited on an episode, we regenerate metadata that is attached to the audio file which reflects on playback devices:

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Summary

  • Author

  • Episode file (audio/video)

Why does this matter?

If changes are made to the details of an episode, we want it to be reflected in playback devices, thus we update the URL of the audio file so its seen as a “change”.

Playback devices, which are out of our control, will see the change and trigger a redownload for users if the playback device has download functionality tied to it (applications that allow listeners to "subscribe").

Episode Audio:

If you update the episode file, podcast players that let listeners subscribe to a podcast will get automatic redownloads.


Similar to episode details changes, if a new prefix is added to a podcast or if a prefix is removed, the url will be updated, thus re-triggering downloads.

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