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How to Distribute Your Podcast to Spotify
How to Distribute Your Podcast to Spotify

Distribute your Megaphone RSS feed to Spotify

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  1. To submit your podcast to Spotify for Podcasters you will need to obtain your Megaphone RSS feed.

  2. Go to and click "Get Started".

  3. Select "I have a podcast"

  4. Select "Megaphone by Spotify".

  5. Log in to Spotify or create an account.

  6. Once you have logged in, click you name/image in the top left corner and select to "Add or claim your podcast.

  7. From there, you will be taken to the page to submit your RSS feed.

  8. Click “Get Started”.

9. Enter your Megaphone RSS feed.

10. Receive the go-ahead that your podcast details look good.

11. Verify the ownership of your podcast.

12. Once verified, maintain a submission portal with an analytics dashboard that you can access here.

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