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Megaphone has released the Spotify Audience Network performance dashboard which allows publishers to monitor delivery and performance from within the Megaphone platform.

Note: Only Organization Admin level users can view this dashboard.

To access this dashboard, click on the Spotify Audience Network tab on the left sidebar, and then select the “Dashboard” tab at the top.

The calendar in the top right will default to the last 30 days of data, but you can adjust the date picker to whatever timeframe you’d like. Please note that load time may be impacted for reports larger than six months out. Whatever date range, network, and podcasts are chosen here will affect all data displayed on this page.

Next to the calendar, you’ll see a toggle that allows you to switch between the data being displayed in chart or table form. The chart view will always display the top five values from the table.

On the top left, you’ll see a “Total Impressions” value. This displays the total amount of Spotify Audience Network impressions delivered to your organization throughout the date range selected. Next to it, you’ll see a green or red arrow which represents whether this impression count has increased or decreased since the previous period of your selected date range. For example, if your selected date range is set from June 7th to June 14th, the % change would be in relation to Spotify Audience Network impressions that were delivered from June 1st to June 6th.

The Spotify Audience Network performance dashboard shows six data views. You can find an illustration of each below. “% of Total” statistics reflect the highlighted segment’s portion of your overall Spotify Audience Network performance.

The table view data for each can be exported by clicking the purple “Export” button.

Note: Spotify Audience Network impression metrics are real-time and may not match financial partner statements that are subject to revenue recognition date cutoff.

Podcast Performance

The Podcast Performance report displays how many Spotify Audience Network impressions have been delivered to all podcasts within your organization.

Episode Performance

The Episode Performance report displays how many Spotify Audience Network impressions have been delivered to episodes within all podcasts in your organization.

Ad Location Performance

The Ad Location Performance report displays impressions split up by position and ad type (pre, mid, or post).

Advertiser Category Performance

The Advertiser Category Performance report displays impressions by advertiser category. Each campaign in Megaphone is assigned an advertiser, and these advertisers are affiliated with specific categories. For example, Nike might have categories like “Clothing → Athletic Clothes” or “Sporting Goods → Running Shoes.”

Average CPM by Podcast Performance

This report displays the average CPM for each podcast running on the Spotify Audience Network. CPM is defined by the cost of 1,000 impressions. Megaphone calculates this number based on all orders that delivered impressions to a given podcast. Note that Average CPM can vary widely between a number of shows and is rounded to two decimal points for clarity.

Geolocation Performance

The Geolocation Performance report displays impressions sorted by the location of the listener. Megaphone will default the data to being filtered by country, but you can further filter the report by sorting by region, DMA, or city.

If you would like to submit your podcast to the Spotify Audience Network, follow the submission process here.

If you have any questions regarding the Spotify Audience Network Dashboard, please chat with us using the purple widget in the bottom right hand corner. You can also email us at

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