What is a Spotify ID?

Spotify ID is the unique identifier to your podcast on the Spotify Player

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Each podcast and episode has an ID on Megaphone and if your podcast is shown on the Spotify Player, there is also a corresponding Spotify ID (also known as Spotify URI).

This Spotify ID is important because it ties all the edits you have on Megaphone to show up on the Spotify Player.

When you are opting your podcast to Streaming Ad Insertion and Megaphone does not have a record of your Spotify ID, Megaphone will prompt you to decide if:

i) Indeed this podcast has not yet appeared on the Spotify Player. If so, click on the first radio button, “Create a new Spotify ID for this podcast” and Megaphone will create a Spotify ID for your podcast and have the podcast appear in the Spotify player!

ii) If your podcast is indeed already on the Spotify Player, please click on the second radio button, “Use an existing Spotify ID” to insert your Spotify ID.

Note: It is very important to “Use an existing Spotify ID” if your podcast is already on Spotify. Failure to do so will result in a duplicate instance of your podcast on Spotify.

To find your Spotify ID, navigate to your podcast on the Spotify App and perform the following steps:

  • click on the “...”, next to follow button

  • Hold the option key on your keyboard until “Copy Show Link” changes to “Copy Spotify URI”

  • Click on “Copy Spotify URI” and paste the copied Spotify ID back in Megaphone under the “Use an Existing Spotify ID” field

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