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Activate streaming-powered tools
Activate streaming-powered tools

Interested in Streaming-Powered Tools? You have come to the right place to turn it on!

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Interested in Streaming-Powered Tools? You have come to the right place to turn it on! Here are the steps:

  1. Assuming you are an Org Admin, navigate to the bottom left of the screen and click on your initials. Click on the “Streaming-Powered Tools” option.

2. Turn on the streaming-powered tools toggle on the top right to enable specific podcasts or your entire catalog (Recommended).

3. If you choose to enable select podcasts, you can enable an entire network of podcasts or specific podcasts.

4. Note previously streaming-powered tools-enabled podcasts and networks will be pre-selected and grayed out to indicate they have already been enabled for streaming-powered tools.

5a. (Only if your podcast has missing fields)

Cover Art, Owner Name, and Owner Email are required to enable streaming-powered tools so if there are any exceptions, a Question Mark next to ineligible podcasts will be presented. For example, if you are missing an owner name, you can click on “Add Name” to be led to the edit podcast page to add in the name.

Alternatively, you can click on “View all ineligible podcasts” to open up a modal to see the podcasts missing fields in a list view.

5b. (If your podcast does not have a Spotify ID)

Every show that plays on the Spotify Player will have a unique Spotify ID. As such, in the event that there is no record of a Spotify ID, Megaphone will prompt you to double-check that the podcast currently is not on the Spotify Player.

If this is the first time the podcast is to show up on Spotify, we will make this easy and create a Spotify ID and have the podcast appear in the Spotify player! To do, so simply, click on the first radio button, “Create a new Spotify ID for this podcast”.

If however, your podcast is indeed already on the Spotify Player, please click on the second radio button, “Use an existing Spotify ID”.

To find your Spotify ID, navigate to your podcast on the Spotify App and perform the following steps:

  • click on the “...”, next to follow button

  • Hold the option key on your keyboard until “Copy Show Link” changes to “Copy Spotify URI”

  • Click on “Copy Spotify URI” and paste the copied Spotify ID back in Megaphone (Remember to take out spotify:show: in the front)

Note: It is very important to “Use an existing Spotify ID” if your podcast is already on Spotify. Failure to do so will result in a duplicate instance of your podcast on Spotify.

6. If there are no missing fields, press the Save button on bottom right and you will get a confirmation modal.

7. Success! You have turned on streaming-powered tools for your catalog

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