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Troubleshoot SAI Opt In Errors
Troubleshoot SAI Opt In Errors

FAQ on error messages received during Streaming Ad Insertion Opt In

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How can I turn off Streaming Ad Insertion?

Feel like now is not the right time for Streaming Ad insertion? There is definitely a way to turn off streaming ad insertion. The easiest way to ensure your inventory, publishing flow, and monetization flows are not interrupted, please reach out to your CX counterpart so they can execute these steps on your behalf.

Why can’t Streaming Ad Insertion be turned on for some of your podcasts?

The most common reason that makes a podcast not eligible for Streaming Ad Insertion is simply because it is missing some required fields - Cover Art, Owner Name, and Owner Email.

You can note this by seeing the Question Mark next to ineligible podcasts. By clicking on the Question Mark, you can take the necessary steps to fill in the required fields. For example, if you are missing an owner name, you can click on “Add Name” to be led to the edit podcast page to add in the name.

Another reason can be the source of truth for your show is actually hosted by a platform that is not Megaphone (perhaps the podcast on Megaphone is a cloned feed). To resolve this scenario, please reach out to your Megaphone CX contact or assistance in flipping the RSS feed from the host to Megaphone.

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