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Activate Spotify Ad Analytics integration
Activate Spotify Ad Analytics integration
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Important note: This will require Admin or Ad Ops user permission level in Spotify Ad Analytics, and Organization Admin permission level in Megaphone. For full instructions on using Spotify Ad Analytics, see the Ad Analytics help center.

1. In Spotify Ad Analytics, navigate to “Manage” (left sidebar) and go to the “API key” section. Copy the “key” and “secret” fields from the Service Account Key section.

2. In Megaphone, click on your user initials in the bottom-left corner, then click on “Organization Settings”. Navigate to the “Integrations” tab.

3. Toggle the “Spotify Ad Analytics” option on, then paste in your “key” into the “user key” field, and your “secret” into the “secret key” field.

Do not include the “key:” and “secret:” portions of the text—just the long code afterward.

Once the connection is established, you will see a status message confirming that your Spotify Ad Analytics connection is active.

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