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Using And/Or Logic with Orders

How to use the new and/or logic for Orders in Megaphone.

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This new feature allows you more flexibility when configuring where your Orders will deliver. Previously, when you created an Order with audio added to more than one ad slot (pre, mid, and/or post), the Order would only run if all selected ad slots were available to be filled. With this new feature, when creating an order with multiple ad slots and using the "Or" selection, your Order will fill any available ad slot, even if all the desired slots can’t be filled. Selecting “And” will result in the default behavior where the Order would only run if all selected ad slots were available to be filled. Below is more information on how to use this.

To start, click on the "Campaigns" tab on the left-hand side of the platform. Next create a new Campaign or select an existing Campaign. Once in a Campaign, select an existing Order or create a new Order. Now that you are in an Order, you can start using the And/Or selection.

And/Or Selection

"And" will be the default selection on the Order page and also for any Orders that contain a single ad slot (pre, mid, post) to be filled. If the Order only have a single ad slot you must make sure "And" is selected. For orders with more than one ad slot to be filled, there are two choices depending on your desired outcome:

  • AND (default) – the Order will only execute if all selected ad slots are available to be filled

  • OR – the Order will execute if any of the ad slots are available to be filled. Please note: OR can only be selected after first adding an ad slot to at least two out of the three columns – pre roll, mid roll, post roll.

Ad Slots

In addition to identifying the ad slot(s) you’d like to include in this Order, you can also upload ad audio files (.mp3 format) to those ad slots. This is not a requirement of setting up this Order but it will not start delivering until the audio file(s) have been uploaded. You’ll also be able to upload audio files to these ad slots via the "Edit Episode" page for whichever podcast episode the Order is targeted against (often uploaded by a producer in the case of host-read ads). If you do upload files in the New Order form, make sure you upload your MP3s to the correct ad type that you want them to correspond with in your episode/order.

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