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Podcast Performance Report - Impressions
Podcast Performance Report - Impressions

This report shows you impressions per podcast, for the dates and time buckets of your choosing.

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Accessible through your Impressions Dashboard, the Podcast Performance report is a line graph which plots your top 5 performing podcasts based on impressions. Below the line graph are your top 10 podcasts which are broken out by podcast name, total impressions and the percentage of the total impressions for the filtered time frame. Each line graph color corresponds with the dot color of the top 5 performing podcast located below the graph.

1. Accessing and managing the Podcast Performance Snapshot

Access the report by clicking into the Analytics tab from the left sidebar. Once on that page, click "Impressions" from the top ribbon menu. You can view the graphs in Table View or Chart View by selecting such in the top right corner.

You can toggle the filter in the top right corner of the report to group it by day, week, month, quarter or year. This will update the chart in accordance with the overall date range you've selected at the top of the page. For example, if you have selected only the past 30 days for the overall page filter and group this report by year, you will only see one data point as only one year is represented.

2. Export the Report

You can export the report for the range selected by pushing the export button in the bottom right corner. A CSV file will automatically download to your machine.

3. Expand the Report to Explore Further

At the bottom of the panel, click the "Podcast Report" link to open an additional view to explore the report in more detail.

You will then be taken to a view where you can select the specific dimensions of your query.

Click the "Add Podcasts" button on the left side to open a modal where you can search and select specific Podcasts or groups of Podcasts. Finally confirm your selection by pressing "Select".

After selecting the Podcasts you would like included in the report, select the date range in the top right corner, click "Apply" and select "Run Report."

You'll then see a Podcast Performance report for the shows and date range you selected.

This report can be viewed by the overall Podcast details, Order Details or broken out by date in the View filter. Similarly, the report can be displayed by day, week, month, quarter, or year.

The report can be reordered by clicking on the header (two arrows represent ordering fields).

Once the report is formatted as you'd like, you can export the data in the top right corner by pushing the Export button.

As always, if you run into any trouble running this report please reach out to Support either via the chat widget or at

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