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Order Geotargeting & Geotargeting Exclusions

How to set up order geotargeting and how to exclude certain geotargets on orders.

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Order geotargeting is one of the many features available in your toolbelt to ensure the proper delivery of advertisements. Geotargets allow you to either include or exclude where the delivery of an Order will take place geographically. Geotargets are defined either by the Country, Region, Designated Marketing Area (DMA), or Zip Code level.

To utilize the Geotargeting feature on a specific Order, navigate to the Campaigns tab, create or edit the Order, and find the "Geotarget Inclusions" field. You will be able to select Country, Region, DMA, or Zip code from the dropdown menu and enter the appropriate data.

It's just as simple to exclude a selected geotarget from Order delivery. In the "Geotarget Exclusions" field select the Country, Region, DMA, or Zip Code, and the selected order will not deliver to the selected geolocations. Keep in mind that the selectable exclusions adjust based on the selected "Geotarget Exclusions." For example, if you target the US (region), you'll only be able to exclude locations within the US.

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