Audio Logos

Audio logos are small audio intros or outros applied to all episodes.

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Audio logos are audio intros or outros applied to all episodes of a podcast for added branding and an enhanced listening experience. Once a logo is stored, it will apply to all episodes within a podcast. Any user with access to podcast settings will have access to the audio logo feature.

To set up the audio logo feature for an existing show, navigate to the podcast page from the podcast library and select the "edit podcast" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once on the edit podcast page look for the "audio logo” uploader on the right side of the page. Select file manager icon and upload the .mp3 file, then designate if you would like the audio logo to play at the beginning of an episode, the end of an episode or both.

Be sure to hit the save button once you’ve made your selection and allow a few moments for the audio logo to be applied.

Please reach out via chat or for more info on this feature.

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