Inventory Sell Through Report

An overview of working with the Podcast Sell Through report available in Megaphone.

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The Inventory Sell Through Report is a great way to track the performance of your podcasts' inventory and the following is a breakdown of how to utilize it.

This report is accessible by clicking on the "Inventory" tab within the Megaphone toolbar. Once on the "Inventory" page, select the "Inventory Sell-Through" tab from the top ribbon menu.

  1. Add the podcast by clicking “ADD PODCAST” (you can select multiple podcasts)

  2. Select the timeframe you are looking to run a report for in the top right corner

  3. Click “RUN REPORT”

Note: This report will only produce historical data and is not intended to provide future inventory details.

You have the ability to include filters for “Ad Source” and “Order Type”.

  • Ad Source: This filter is a look at the specific changes made to the logic used to deliver the ad (the ad source changes made within the episodes you are targeting). This filter should only be applied if you have made edits to the ad sources within the ad locator tool of your episodes (more on how to select which ad location you would like to fill the ad location). By default this will show “ALL AD SOURCES” and can be left as is. If you have not made any changes to the default ad sources within the ad locator, a report will not produce and you will see “0” in all columns.

  • Order Type: This is intended to filter inventory for a specific kind of advertisement:

    • Direct - impressions from campaigns targeting your episodes

    • SPAN - impressions from the Spotify Audience Network

    • Promo - impressions from promos created

    • Available - inventory that has not been sold to

*To produce an accurate sell-through rate, ‘available’ will need to be included as an order type within the query you are running.*

The report will break down inventory as such:

  • Total Impressions: The number of downloads multiplied by the number of ad slots per episode

  • Total Available: The number of ad slots that did not have an ad placed (total impressions - total sold = total available)

  • Total Sold: The number of ad slots filled by an order

  • Total Delivered: The number of impressions delivered to a listener (based on IABv2 standards)

  • Sell-Through Rate: Total sold divided by impressions

The delivery of Spotify Audience Network ads can be found within the Inventory Sell Through report by selecting "ORDER TYPE: SPAN". This will not reflect CPMs or revenue generated, but will provide you with the delivery of Spotify Audience Network ads within your podcast.

Please note that all views are exportable through the CSV export. As always, if you run into any trouble running this report please reach out to Support either via the chat widget or at

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