Advertising Category Exclusions

Select advertiser categories to prevent Spotify Audience Network ads from running in your podcasts.

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Note: The Spotify Audience Network allows publishers on Megaphone to monetize unsold inventory within their podcasts to brand advertisers. For information about the Spotify Audience Network check out this article here and read how to submit your podcasts here.

*Organization Admins or Ad Ops Managers have the ability to exclude categories of advertisers from running in podcasts. For example, a podcast that has blocked the category of "Non-Alcoholic Beverages" would prevent ads from a coffee shop or a soda brand from running within the podcast.

*only Organization Admins and Ad Ops Managers have access into the exclusion settings.

Though category exclusions can be setup in advance of Spotify Audience Network opt in, only podcasts with confirmed acceptance into the Spotify Audience Network will have ads from the Spotify Audience Network delivered.

Accessing the Podcast Settings

To manage category exclusions for your podcast, start by navigating to the podcast via the "Podcasts" button on the left-hand menu and selecting the show from the list of podcasts. Once on the podcast dashboard, click the "Settings" button in the top right corner.

The podcast settings page contains five tabs. Select the "Exclusions" tab to customize the ad category exclusions for this podcast.

To begin selecting category exclusions, click on the "Select category exclusions" link as displayed in the image below:

Setting Up Category Exclusions

Upon clicking the "Select" button, you will be presented with a brief reminder related to the category exclusions. Please be aware that failure to select and save category exclusions could result in unwanted Spotify Audience Network ads playing in the podcast episodes. Please make sure to browse through and familiarize yourself with all categories before saving. If you still have questions after browsing through the categories, please reach out to our Support team for assistance in finding categories or answering general questions.

To move on, click the "Got It! Thanks" button and the category exclusion view will open after accepting the warning:

From here you can expand category groupings to make selections, select an entire grouping of categories, or use the search bar to find and select additional categories to block. A total count of the selected excluded categories will be tallied in the top left corner of the view. In addition to Spotify Audience Network exclusions, you can also choose to block categories for Direct Sold or VAST advertisements as shown in the image below:

Once you've made all of your category exclusions click on the 'Save' button at the bottom right corner.

Once satisfied with your selections, click 'Save' in the top right corner to block Spotify Audience ads from the advertisers within these categories from running. To cancel the selections, simply close without saving and you will be returned to the Podcast Dashboard without the category exclusions being applied to the podcast.

You can add or remove categories at any time throughout your podcast's participation in the Spotify Audience Network.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance please reach out to our Support team via the Live Chat button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

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