Segment Targeting

Target Advertisements with over 6,000 Demographic and Audience Segments.

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Note: If your organization is interested in using Segment Targets within your campaigns, please reach out by email to for more information and to connect with a Customer Success Manager to discuss further.

Publishers can now reach the right listeners according to a myriad of strategic factors including purchase behavior, demographic data, devices being used, and others through Megaphone's Segment Targeting. Segment targeting leverages data sets from various partners to provide access to over 6,000 segments that can be targeted within your podcasts.

Follow the instructions below to target by segments within your campaigns. If your organization does not yet have segment targeting enabled, email and our team is happy to assist.

Targeting By Segments

Start by navigating to the order you would like to target by segment. On the order page, toggle to the "Segment Targets" tab:

From the Segments Target tab you can either manually paste the segment codes or with our intuitive design, you can simply use the search feature to select segments, reducing the need to remember segment codes.

To manually input the segment codes, click the radio button next to "Input Segment Codes"

This will allow you to paste the segment codes separated by a comma ",". The correct syntax will include round brackets before and after the code"(1234,456)". Once the code is inputted, simply click "Apply". This will generate a box with the group segments selected.

If you would now like to yolk that group with another, you can simply open up another set of brackets (1234,456). This will generate a new box including both segments.

To search the available groupings, you can click on the "Create Segment Groupings" radio button.

Click the "+" button to search the available groupings.

This will open up a panel where you can search all segments. The search results will

show the number of segments available, organized alphabetically under the Category. Once done click the "+" and finally "Add Segment" to confirm.

Upon insertion of codes, you will see the codes translated to include the Segment Name, Category and Segment ID. You can delete a segment by clicking on the trashcan icon. You can also edit the group by adding more segments by clicking the "+" icon, or can create a new segment grouping.

You will now have the option to copy and paste the segment codes to store for future use.

Once complete, select "Save" and your order will now deliver based on the defined 6,000 segmentation options.

If you encounter any trouble, please connect with support by either using the chat widget or

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