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Reporting Overview - Filtering the Impressions Dashboard
Reporting Overview - Filtering the Impressions Dashboard

The impressions tab will direct you to a holistic page where all the articles are related to order performance

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This view is primarily used by Ad Ops Managers or Org admins to gain insight on campaign or order performance. We have an entire collection of help docs that describes the specifics of each report, but this article will cover how to filter the overall impressions dashboard.

1. Filter Across Networks

You can filter the dashboard by network, to see campaigns or order information specific to that network.

Filtering for all will display Total Impressions, Campaign Performance and Order Performance across all networks, whereas selecting a single network will display the information only for the specific network.

2. Select a Date Range

Next to the network filter, you can define a specific date range for the view.

Clicking on the selector will expand options to include quick ranges such as Today, Last 7 days, Year to date, and more. You can also create a custom range by clicking on the calendar view of days.

Once you've selected the desired date range, push the "Apply" button to filter the dashboard for the selected date range.

For additional help docs regarding these specific reports, please click here to see our full collection.

As always, if you need any assistance, please contact Support via Live Chat or at

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