What is Google Podcast Manager?

Accessing your Google analytics via Google's Podcast Manager

Written by Kara Burns
Updated over a week ago

This Google Portal and is an easy way for publishers to gain insight into the behavior of their audience, while also giving them access to content management tools.

How to submit your podcast to Google Podcast Manager:

  1. Access Google Podcast Manager and enter your RSS Feed within the designated field.

2. After entering the RSS Feed, you will be able to preview the feed, and move to the next step of verification. Google Podcast Manager will send you an email with a verification code to the email address found the the submitted RSS feed. You will then need to enter the verification code sent to you in order to verify ownership.

3. Once you’ve verified ownership, click on the "Get started" button to access the analytics page.

4. After clicking "Get started", you will then be brought to Google’s Podcast Manager analytics page where you can review data from plays on any Google Podcasts platform.

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