Creating Episode Custom Metadata

Note: Only Organization Admins have the required permissions to create Custom Fields

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In order to create custom episode metadata fields, Org Admins will want to complete the following steps:

  1. Hover the cursor over your initials in the lower left-hand corner of Megaphone and then select "Organization Settings."

  2.  Now select the "Custom Metadata" tab from the options displayed.

  3. Click the "Create Field" button on the right-hand side and the Custom Fields dialog box will appear. 

When creating these fields, Megaphone provides the option to choose what type of custom field is being created. The options you can select between are "Plain Text," "Rich Text," "Numeric," "Image," and "Tags."

If custom fields are created, they are unique only to your Megaphone instance and will be available on the episode-level. Once created, they are then available to be passed via the Megaphone API and can be used for your organization's internal purposes. 

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