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How to Aircheck an Advertisement

Guiding steps for how to preview and download airchecks of your Ads

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In the event you or an advertiser would like an audio sample (aircheck) of an order, you can easily access this from within Megaphone. This is particularly useful for Adops or Organizational Admins. 

To preview or download the aircheck of an ad, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the desired order from within its respective campaign.

  2. Click on the order title. 

  3. Navigate to the "Preview" button in the top right of the screen. (Note you will have had to uploaded the advertisement and have successfully targeted the order to preview dynamically inserted ads.)

4. Once you select into the Preview, you'll then be greeted with a screen that gives you an option to listen to the episode including how the advertisement is inserting into the audio file. From here you can download this audio file simply by clicking the download option in the upper right hand corner. 

For additional steps on Campaign and Order how to's, please review this set of articles. 

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