Importing an Episode

Import episodes into other Podcasts housed within the same Network.

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Importing an episode is a simple procedure in Megaphone. Only certain user roles can perform this import. If  you do not see the available tools in your user environment, please consult with your Network Admin or contact Support. 

You can import episodes across Podcasts, as long as they are housed within the same network. 

Instructions to Import

First, begin by identifying the Podcast you would like to import the episodes into. You can do this by visiting your Podcast Library within Megaphone. Once you have identified your podcast, click into the Podcast so that you can see your "Episode Library". 

Next, identify the gear icon on the top right portion of the screen. 

From there you will navigate to “MEGAPHONE SETTINGS” and toggle the “ENABLE EPISODE IMPORTING” field on then press Save at the top right corner. 

Now if you head back to your episode library you will notice a new “Import” button located in the episode management section on the right portion of the screen. 

Click the “Import” button and you can begin importing episodes. 

Select the “PODCAST NETWORK” button to view the available podcasts within your network to import from. Once you have identified the desired podcast to import from, select the episode in the “Episode” menu. 

Next, click Import.

This will bring you to the “Edit Episode” menu, where you can update any of the fields to reflect the most up-to-date information. Finalize the import by clicking Save.

Now you will have successfully imported your episode, which will display in your “Episode Library”. 

Please keep in mind that the imported episode's metrics will roll up to the originating or parent feed.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Support if you have any issues. 

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