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Editing and Creating Networks

Organize your podcasts by creating Networks

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Creating networks in Megaphone is an easy way to organizing groups of shows and create user specific environments. It is important to note that networks are only internal to Megaphone. Meaning;  they are not visible to listeners, apps, or any external platforms. 

Creating and editing networks can only be preformed with an Organization Admin role. If you need a new network created or an existing network edited, please contact an Organization Admin to do so (or reach out via Live Chat and we are happy to assist!).

To create a network in Megaphone, simply hover over your initials in the bottom left corner, and select the "Create Network" button:

A popup modal will appear with two fields to fill out: the Network Name and Network Code. Both of these fields are up to your discretion, but we recommend using names that your users will readily recognize (i.e. "The Sports Network"). The Network Code should contain only capital letters and be between 3-8 in total (for example, a network called "The Sports Network" might be abbreviated to TSN for the code).  Once finished, click the "Create" button.

To edit an existing network, hover over your initials in the bottom left corner and select the "Organization Settings" button. 

Once on the Organization Settings page, click the "Networks" tab where you can edit the name or code of your networks and save them. Changing the names of your networks will not impact any organizational aspects within Megaphone.

You can delete a network in 4 simple steps. Start by navigating into your Organization Settings page by clicking your initials in lower left of the page as shown above. 

Next click "Networks" and identify the network you would like to delete. Click on the three dots to the right of your network > click delete.

As always, reach out to Live Chat with any questions!

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