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Megaphone API

The Megaphone API allows users to view, create, update and delete elements within Megaphone using a customized GUI.

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For information related to Megaphone's API, please visit There you will find an overview of the Authorization process, Pagination and the Data Model. Additionally, you will be able to try an interactive console to help in developing your own process. 

All Megaphone accounts have an API token generated for it upon account creation. To view this token or to generate a new API token, please click onto your initials in the lower left corner and select "User Settings".

From that screen you will see any tokens that are already generated, and you will have the ability to generate a new token.

-Please treat your token as a password as it carries the same authentication properties that your login does.

-The token also is associated with the user role that it is generated under.

-It is also important to mention the API token is designed to work in a specific Organization and should not be used across orgs.

Furthermore, you can find out information about our Metrics and Impressions Export Services by clicking on the respective articles.

Please contact us via Live Chat or to discuss these topics if you need further assistance.  

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