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Transferring Your Podcast to Megaphone
Transferring Your Podcast to Megaphone

Follow these instructions for how to bring your existing podcast into Megaphone from your current host.

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If you have an existing podcast that you’re moving to Megaphone, you’ll need to do two things: 

First, import your existing content to Megaphone. Second, tell your existing hosting platform to transfer listeners to your new Megaphone feed (also called setting up a 301 redirect). Please note: If you currently have DAI ads trafficking your podcast, be sure to request the ad-free RSS feed from your current hosting provider to ensure you are receiving your episodes without advertisements.

Import Your Existing Content:

  1. To import your existing content, navigate to the "PODCASTS" tab on the left-side bar. 

2. Push the "Import" button.

3. You'll be asked to provide the Podcast Feed URL (also called your RSS Feed - contact your current hosting provider for help finding a link to your RSS Feed), select the proper network. After pasting the URL, click "Import."

4. The import should take a bit of time as all of your episode information and MP3 files are brought into Megaphone. Once the feed has finished importing, you can move on to transferring your listeners to Megaphone (setting up a 301 redirect).

Transfer Listeners to Megaphone (Set Up a 301 Redirect):

To ensure that you don’t lose any subscribers or listeners as you switch to Megaphone, you’ll need to tell your previous host to transfer listeners to the new Megaphone feed when they want to download a file.  

This process is called a "301 redirect" which is a technical term tells applications such as iTunes and Stitcher that your podcast has permanently moved to Megaphone. This will seamlessly transfer listeners to Megaphone without losing subscribers. 

Each podcast hosting service handles this process slightly differently, so we have put together help docs that provide detailed instructions on how to set up a 301 redirect from many of the major hosting providers at

Simply find the article that corresponds to your hosting provider, follow the instructions listed, and you’ll be all set to start publishing in Megaphone! Once you've setup your 301 redirect, you can also reach out via Live Chat for us to confirm that everything has been set up correctly. 

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