Positionless Ads

Allow ads to run in all possible positions within the ad unit type.

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Though many orders are intended to run in an exact position in an episode (i.e. the first Pre-Roll ad spot), orders can also be set to run as positionless. When "No Position" is selected, an order will insert into any possible position within the selected ad unit type (Pre-, Mid-, or Post-Roll) wherever available (the first, second, third, etc.). 

Note: ads marked as No Position can take on any position. Therefore they can compete with ads that do have a position (i.e. a Midroll, Position 1 ad can rotate/compete with a Midroll, No Position ad). No Position is telling the system to run it as all possible positions - not just open positions. See the end of this article for how to manage competing No Position ads with other ads.

To setup a positionless ad, start by Creating an Order just like you would for positioned ads. 

Under the "Position & Priority" section, mark "No Position" when selecting Position type. 

Doing so will allow the ad to run in any possible position for a designated ad unit type. For example, if the ad has been selected as a Mid-Roll location with No Position, Megaphone will insert the ad into any  Mid-Roll spot (be it the first Mid-Roll, second Mid-Roll, etc). Be sure to have ad locations defined in order for the ad to run.

To guarantee that other ads run before (or after) a positionless ad, simply use the Priority field to assign which ad should be inserted first. In this case, a positionless Mid-Roll ad marked as Priority 1 will run ahead of a Position 1 Mid-Roll ad marked as Priority 2 - the priority sets the order when comparing positionless to positioned ads.

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