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Redirect from a self-hosted server to Megaphone
Redirect from a self-hosted server to Megaphone
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Note: There is no "one size fits all" redirect. Therefore, we recommend logging into Megaphone and contacting us via Live Chat to walk through the process together. Below are general guidelines. 

For independently hosted shows with a developer on board, setting up an HTTP 301 redirect or an XML redirect are your best options to maintain subscribers and migrate your feed to Megaphone. 

If your show doesn't have a developer on board, there is a second, simpler option to update the feed only in Apple/iTunes, which will also update secondary platforms that crawl from Apple's information (this will not update ALL podcasting platforms and therefore some subscribers may be lost). Instructions below:

1) Follow Apple's guidelines for setting up an <itunes:new-feed-url> tag into your URL

Reach out via Live Chat to have Megaphone add the tag to the new Megaphone RSS feed directly.

2) Update your podcast feed in Apple Podcasts Connect

Log into your account and update your podcast with the Megaphone RSS feed. 

Upon saving, Apple Podcasts Connect will update your RSS feed URL and display your podcast in the dashboard along with the Scheduled for Update status. Allow up to 48 hours for the change to appear in iTunes.

Use this article for information on how to find your RSS feed in Megaphone. Double check that the Megaphone feed is correct and working properly (you can test by opening the feed in a new tab).

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