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Redirect from FeedBurner to Megaphone
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Note: There is no "one size fits all" redirect. Therefore, we recommend logging into Megaphone and contacting us via Live Chat to walk through the process together. Below are general guidelines. 

1. Disable all plugins

Determine whether you're using plugins with your FeedBurner feed and, if so, disable them or remove the settings before proceeding. Common plugins include FeedSmith, FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend, FD FeedBurner Plugin, and WordPress FeedBurner Plugin.

2. Login to FeedBurner and find the RSS feed for the show that you want to redirect

Once you've selected the correct show, press the "Edit Feed Details" button:

3. Add your Megaphone RSS feed to the "Original Feed" field and push save

Use this article for information on how to find your RSS feed in Megaphone. Double check that the Megaphone feed you entered into the "Original Feed" field is correct and working properly (you can test by opening the feed in a new tab).

4. Delete your FeedBurner feed

After you've confirmed that your FeedBurner feed is redirecting properly to Megaphone, you can then select the "Delete Feed" button: 

Check the box that says "With permanent redirection" and push "Delete Feed." This process will put a 301 redirect on the FeedBurner feed, effectively telling apps and platforms to use the Megaphone feed instead. 

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