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The simplest way to represent your show's publishing schedule within Megaphone is through the Plan Inventory function. This will directly sync to the Inventory page, and makes it easy to plan for future episodes and associated advertising campaigns.

Please see below for step-by-step instructions, followed by a video tutorial.

1) Navigate to the Podcasts tab and select the show you'd like to plan inventory for.

2) Once on the episode page, select the DRAFTS tab, located under your podcast art.

3) Press the "PLAN INVENTORY" button. 

4) Select future publish dates and the expected number of ad locations. Press "CREATE EPISODES".

5) Once you've added your drafts, you can now work off of these to publish new episodes, target orders at, and view the Inventory tab for an overview

If you are a producer who publishes new episodes, you should work off the drafts tab (rather than creating new episodes) to ensure scheduled campaigns do not get deleted or fail to run. As always, check with your Ad Ops team for questions related to scheduled campaigns. 

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