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Watched Feeds
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Users have two options when importing an existing podcast into Megaphone. The first, and most common, is to simply import the podcast from an original feed (such as Libsyn, Feedburner, etc.) and then to set up a 301 redirect. Doing so alerts platforms and applications - like iTunes - that there has been a change in the main RSS feed to the one created in Megaphone.

The second option is to import a podcast into Megaphone from the original feed and to not set up a 301 redirect. Instead, reach out to Live Chat and our team can turn on the "Watching" feature which tells Megaphone to "watch" an outside feed for updates. This option keeps the podcast active on the original feed and does not change which RSS feed platforms and applications pull information from. Be sure to also reach out via Live Chat once you find that you feed has been updated, to have us turn Watching off. This tool is not designed to be used long-term; it's a transitional tool for onboarding to Megaphone.

Note: Creating a watched feed in Megaphone will prevent users from making edits to episodes or the podcast in the Megaphone platform. Until watching is turned off, all edits to episodes or the podcast must be done in the original feed. Any changes made to the podcast or episodes in Megaphone prior to enabling watching will not be saved if watching is enabled.

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