Bulk Edit Expected Ad Locations

Update expected ad locations for selected draft episodes.

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For Planned Inventory (also known as Drafts), you can include Planned Ad Locations to make it simpler for producers to mark the correct number of ad insertion points. In addition, you have the ability to edit Planned Ad Locations in bulk to account for changes in anticipated campaign sales.

1) Navigate to your Podcast Page

Find your Podcast Page by selecting the "PODCASTS" tab in the left side bar and selecting the show you'd like to edit Planned Ad Locations for.

2) Under the Drafts tab, select all episodes you'd like to edit using the checkboxes

You can choose to edit all drafts or select individual episodes. You can also see the currently Planned Ad Locations in the middle column.

3) Push the "Edit Planned Ads" button next to "PLAN INVENTORY"

4) Edit the Expected Ad Locations for your selected episodes and click "Save Episodes"

Once you've saved the new ad locations, all selected episodes will change to reflect the newly indicated numbers.ย 

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