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Add Default Pre/Post-Roll Ad Locations to Your Podcast
Add Default Pre/Post-Roll Ad Locations to Your Podcast
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Megaphone makes it simple to add pre-roll and post-roll  ad locations to established podcasts with a back catalog of episodes.

  1. Navigate to the Podcasts tab the left sidebar and select the show you'd like to add pre and post ad locations to. 

  2. Select the "Settings" button in the top right corner of the screen and click onto the "Ad settings" tab.

  3. In the "Default Ad Insertion" section, click the toggle to turn on this option.

  4. Set the default number of pre-roll and post-roll ad locations to add to your episodes.

You can select up to five pre and/or post-roll ad locations for your episodes. Note that saving a default of zero for either pre or post-roll will delete all corresponding ad locations. This setting does not impact mid-roll positions. 

You can override the default ad location settings on a given episode by toggling the ad location markers up (increasing the amount), down (decreasing the amount), or by disabling the setting.

Check the box next to "Apply settings to existing episodes" to apply the pre and post-roll ad locations to all previously published episodes. Update your settings by clicking "Save" in the upper right corner!

If a user overrides the ad locations on a single episode, the default ad locations will stay on for all other episodes that have not been edited.

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