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Soundcloud and Megaphone
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Soundcloud is a unique player in the podcast industry. It's both a way for the general public to hear your podcast and is a podcast hosting platform. Unfortunately there's no way for podcasts published in Megaphone to appear automatically in Soundcloud. If you want your podcast to be available in Soundcloud you will need to publish there in addition to publishing in Megaphone.

Note that any issues pertaining to your Soundcloud feed/account will need to be addressed with Soundcloud directly.


  • People will be able to find your podcast in Soundcloud


  • Podcasts published in Soundcloud will not follow the dynamic ad insertion that happens in Megaphone

  • Producers will need to publish all episodes twice - once in Megaphone and once in Soundcloud

  • Any changes you make to the episode will not be reflected in Soundcloud

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