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The Episode Dashboard is found by clicking on any published episode under a given show in the Podcasts section of the left-hand navigation.

Edit An Episode

Existing episodes can be edited by using the "Edit Episode" button in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

Overview Tab

The overview tab contains quick, helpful pieces of information about your episode including your episodes total downloads in the top-right corner, the ability to preview your episode, a performance report of the past 30 days performance, and a sidebar with details about the episode including which user of your organization published the episode.

Manage Ad Locations Tab

For podcasts running ads or promos, ad locations must be marked in each episode telling Megaphone where to place ads. The manage ad locations tab provides information about how many pre, mid and post roll locations are marked in the episode.

To mark additional ad locations, click the purple "Mark Ad Locations" button and you'll be taken to the AdLocator page.

Share Your Episode Tab

This tab provides quick access for users to share the episode including episode links (which include live ads and promos), share links to Facebook and Twitter, and embeddable codes for single episode players.

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