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Third Party Tracking is an advanced option you can set up on an individual order in Megaphone. Often these are called Tracking Pixels, Tracking URLs, or Tracking Tags and come from third party ad management tools to monitor the delivery of a campaign. 

You can add up to five Tracking URLs to any order in Megaphone on the Edit Order page.

To be valid, Tracking URLs must:

  • Be 1x1 pixels (they come in a URL format)

  • Use a clickable pixel/image tag rather than code such as JavaScript tags

  • Only use macros including Cachebuster, IP, User Agent (UA), Timestamp, or Episode ID.

If you pixel includes a GDPR reference, simply remove that portion of the url.


For more info on our GDPR compliance, please visit this link.

Sample Workflow for Doubleclick Tag

1) Copy and paste the URL inside the quotation marks. In the example below this would be the highlighted portion after IMG SRC=" and before " BORDER="0"

Here's an example of an image tag with the tracking URL highlighted.

2) Paste the URL into a browser to make sure it loads properly (this will look like an all black page with a tiny dot of white in the center).

Here's an example of a functioning Tracking URL:

3) Copy the entire URL into the Tracking URL field for the order that you're working on. Hit save.

Megaphone validates the Tracking URL field for:

  1. The presence of http:// or https:// in all URLs

  2. The presence of https:// when macros are present (i.e. %%cachebuster%%)

  3. That macros are identified by %% at the beginning and ending of the phrase

Macro Examples

  • Cachebuster Macro: %%cachebuster%% 

  • IP Address:  %%ip%% 

  • User Agent (Device): %%ua%%

  • Podcast ID: %%podcastid%%

  • Episode ID:  %%episodeid%%

  • Delivery Time (Timestamp): %%delivery_time%%

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