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Please see below for step-by-step instructions, followed by a video tutorial.

An Agency represents one or many Advertisers and are used for insertion order submission and billing after a Campaign has run. To create an Agency, begin by selecting the "Agencies" tab in the left toolbar. 

1) Click "Create Agency" button

2) Enter Agency Details

The only required field for the Agency is "Agency Name". After you have completed all fields, click "Save" in the upper right corner.

In addition to Agency Name you can also specify:

  • an External ID for the Agency

  • Agency Contacts

For each Agency Contact you can include:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Contact Type (Agency, Media, or Billing)

There's also a section for Billing Information for the Agency. You can specify:

  • Billing Method

  • Payment Type

  • EIN

  • Commission Percentage

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

Advertisers who are not working through an Agency

If an Advertiser is buying direct and is not represented by an Agency, they should still be added as their own Agency.

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