Multiple (Cloned) RSS Feeds

Add additional standard, ad-free, or premium feeds

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You can create multiple versions of the RSS feed that Megaphone produces for your podcast. The duplicate feeds you create can be configured to include or exclude advertisements. Typically this is used for licensing agreements or if you need to generate separate feeds for different distributors (such as an ad-free feed specifically for Patreon subscribers).

Note: this feature is only available to Organization Admins and Ad Ops Managers.

Generating Podcast Feeds

You can use this interface to generate duplicate RSS feeds for the podcast. All feeds generated in the "Feeds" tab will include all advertisements targeted specifically at the new feed, and all feeds generated in the "Ad-Free Feeds" tab will exclude advertisements. To access the feeds page, follow these steps:

From the podcast library, select your show by clicking on the title.

Once on the podcast dashboard, click "feeds" located next to the album artwork.

A modal will appear where you can create a new feed:

Once you have entered the new feed type and name, click save and you will now have an additional feed listed out below the main feed.

If you run into any issues or need additional support, please reach out to live chat or

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