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Please see below for step-by-step instructions, followed by a video tutorial.

How to Create Campaigns

Start by navigating to the Campaign Library by clicking "CAMPAIGNS" in the left navigation bar, and then click on the "Create Campaign" button.

You are presented with several sections when setting up your Campaign:

  • Campaign Details

  • Advertiser

  • Budget

  • Attachments

Campaign Details

Campaign Name is a text field where the Ad Ops Manager can type in whatever name they would like to use for the Campaign.

Ad Copy is an optional setting that will affect all Orders in this Campaign. If you plan to upload copy for this campaign, then choose "Needs Copy." If there won't be Ad Copy associated with this Campaign, select "Not Applicable."


All Campaigns are required to be associated with an Advertiser. Advertisers will be available in the dropdown menu. Contact your Ad Ops manager if you need additional advertisers to be created. 


You can enter Revenue information associated with your Campaign in the Budget section. Please note that the type of currency can only be updated on the Campaign-level when there are not any Orders currently created under the Campaign.

Pricing Model gives you the option to indicate whether or not the Campaign is Gross - meaning the Agency/Advertiser will retain a portion of the overall Campaign Budget - or Net - meaning your organization will earn the entire Campaign Budget.


On the right-hand side of the Create Campaign page there's an area where you can upload .pdf and .doc attachments to the Campaign.

The Attachments section allows you to upload Insertion Orders associated with the Campaign and to store those Insertion Orders right here inside of Megaphone.

* To access archived campaigns, type "archived" into the search bar within the campaign library.

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