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Bulk Order Creation is designed to work when targeting Draft Episodes of a podcast. Bulk Order Creation does not allow you to target already published episodes or entire podcasts.

Step One: Choose Your Targets

After clicking on the "Bulk Create" button with a specific Campaign, you'll be shown a list of all of the Draft episodes in your Organization. You can select one or many Drafts here. Each Draft you select will create a separate Order.

Use the Search bar to narrow down the results to specific podcasts and you'll see the Drafts for those podcasts.

Step Two: Select Order Details & Options

When bulk creating Orders you must choose the number of Pre, Mid, and Post-Roll advertisements you want to be included in each Order. This is the only required field; the additional fields (Country and Flight) are optional. 

The Start Date of the Orders created by this process will be one day before the Draft episode's pubdate.

You can use the Country field to Geo-Target the Orders to specific countries. If you need to create more narrow targets than Country, you can do this in the Edit Order page for any individual Order.

You can also use the Flight option to adjust number of days the Order should run. The Flight will be 70 days (10 weeks) by default. 

On the Details page in Step Two you can also adjust:

  • Impressions Goal

  • Impression Cap

  • Revenue (Rate)

  • Position

  • Priority

Step Three: "Create Orders" 

The last step is to click the "Create Orders" button in the top right.

After that, you'll be directed back to the Campaigns page to see all of your newly created Orders. See the example below:

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