See below for step-by-step instructions, followed by a video tutorial.

  1. Start in the Podcast Library. You can navigate here by clicking on the "PODCASTS" button in the top left. Select the Podcast you would like to create episodes for. 

2) From your Podcast page you can click between your Episodes tab (this contains all episodes currently in the RSS feed or scheduled episodes) and the Drafts tab (which has all Draft episodes for your podcast).

To create a new episode, select the "Create Episode" button and fill in the appropriate information. If you already have a Draft created for your podcast then use the appropriate Draft episode on the Draft tab.

2) On the Create Episode page (for new drafts) or Edit Episode page (for existing drafts) you can enter all of the meta data for the episode.

Fill out information for all of these fields:

  • Episode Title
  • Episode Clean Title (iTunes will pull this as the title, should not include episode or season numbers)
  • Episode Subtitle (commonly referred to as "Description")
  • Episode Summary (commonly referred to as "Show Notes")
  • Episode Type: Select between full (default), trailer, or bonus (for when submitting extra content such as additional interviews).
  • Episode Rating
  • Season and Episode Number: these fields specify the release order for episodes in iOS 11. 
  • Episode Pubdate
  • Note: Sometimes audio producers enter similar information into ID3 tags when they are bouncing the MP3 file for their podcast. With Megaphone this is no longer required. When you upload an MP3 file to Megaphone the system will strip out all ID3 tags and replace it with the information you enter in this step. If you are going to dynamically insert ads (upload ads to a campaign and target the campaign to this episode) then you need to schedule the episode first - only use the Publish Now feature if this episode will not contain any ads.

3) The last step on the Edit Episode page is to upload your audio/content file. Megaphone only accepts MP3 files. 

4) Press "SAVE" in the top right.

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