The Spotify Audience Network dashboard allows you to fully control your submitted shows. From this page, you can submit new shows, view the status of current submissions or pause delivery of Spotify Audience Network ads.

This Dashboard can be found by navigating to the Spotify Audience Network icon in the bottom left hand side of Megaphone.

From this dashboard you will see all shows that have been submitted and are pending approval, and shows that are currently live in the marketplace.

Within this dashboard, you'll find the following:

Podcast: Title of the show

Network: The name of the network the show is associated with.

Spotify Audience Network Podcast Category: The self designated category your show is associated with.

Status: Pending Review, Rejected, or Active

Last Updated: This will reflect the most recent date if any Spotify Audience Network updates that affect the status of the podcast in the marketplace.

Actions: Pause or Activate the Spotify Audience Network on submitted and approved shows.

You can also submit shows from this dashboard using the "Submit Podcast to the Spotify Audience Network" button.

Please reach out to support either via the live chat or for further assistance.

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