What's New?

  • Premium RSS Feeds Through SupportingCast Integration: Unlock a new source of revenue by offering ad-free feeds and premium content to your listeners, directly within their favorite app. We've partnered with SupportingCast to make creating a listener program seamless within the Megaphone platform. We are currently launching this in Beta so if you would like to be the select few who access this new feature before everyone else, please indicate your interest to CX or email Corey.lian@megaphone.fm

  • Audiograms Through Headliner Integration: Create audiograms of your podcast to share across Twitter, Instagram or any social media channel. Audiograms help users capture listeners' attention with short, curated snippets to reach new audiences.

  • Audio Logos: Apply an audio intro or outro to your episodes, regardless of ad insertion points.

  • Order Geoexclusions: Prevent listeners from receiving advertisements based on their geography, based on IP address.

  • Pay Outstanding Invoices with Credit Card: Org Admins can now pay outstanding or past due invoices with a credit card by visiting the billing tab within the Organizational Settings tab.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented producer invitations from including assigned podcasts.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented tracking URLs from saving to orders.

  • Fixed a bug on the planning inventory page when numerous drafts are selected.

  • Removed the ability for AdOps Managers to add users - furthering the distinction between Org Admins and other users.

  • Upgraded a security vulnerability to the Megaphone CMS.

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